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The Attic 2015 CB Terms and Conditions:

We can only reserve an item for a maximum of 24 hours without a deposit.

We can reserve an item for a maximum of 14 days with a deposit, unless agreed prior to the transaction, whereupon storage costs maybe incurred.

Do not assume that an item is reserved for you unless you have received an answer, either verbally or written from a member of The Attic team.

We are unable to purchase items without proof of identification (N.I.E or Passport No.).

We will only purchase electrical items if they can be fully tested.

The Attic 2015 CB endeavours to ensure that the information presented in this website, Facebook or any other resource is accurate at the time of publication.

It accepts no responsibility for any mistakes, inaccuracies or mis-descriptions, whether by inclusion or omission or otherwise.

Prices and details shown are subject to amendment without notice, and The Attic 2015 CB accepts no responsibility for any such amendments.


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