Frequently Asked Questions:

Is there a need to sand down varnished furniture?


There is no need to sand down varnished furniture, although it is advisable to lightly sand high gloss finished furniture to ensure the chalk paint adheres correctly.

It is best to ensure it is well cleaned, oil and wax free.


How many coats of chalk paint is necessary?


Chalk paint is a very thick paint with a consistency similar to toothpaste and if applied directly from the tin it is advisable to consider more than one coat.

If watered down the paint will go further and will require more than one coat.

It all depends on the type of finish you desire, the thicker the paint is applied the more brush strokes will be visible.

What is the best way to apply chalk paint?


There are several ways to apply chalk paint, with brush, roller or spray.  It depends on the desired look, with visible brush strokes, slightly stippled finish or a flat finish.

It is advisable to dilute with 20% water to enable it to pass through an airgun.

What is the difference between the more expensive brands of chalk paint and The Attic Chalk Paint?


The Attic Chalk Paint is of similar consistency and quality than any of the more expensive brands.

They all use a very similar formula, the difference is that The Attic Chalk Paint is in less expensive packaging and has a more aggressive pricing strategy.

What is the best way to seal The Attic Chalk Paint?


There are two ways to seal chalk paint, the most widely used is furniture wax, you can also use a mat or satin finish water based sealer, which is an easier application and more suitable for larger projects